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About Cold Brook Stables

Cold Brook Stables is a family owned/operated business operating in beautiful southeast Vermont. The area is known for its amazing scenery, distinct seasons and robust foliage. We offer boarding, training and riding lessons. Cold Brook Stables holds horse shows, game days and clinics in our 180' x 100' outdoor arena. Horses enjoy a comfortable stay in our 14 stall barn with great ventilation and 12' x 12' matted stalls.

The stable also offers premium boarding if you need a place to care for your horse.  With our miles of trails & outdoor arena, there are plenty of places to ride your horse.  We offer daily turnout, a constant supply of fresh water, feeding twice daily, and 12' x 12' matted stalls with shavings.

If you are a first time rider or are looking to hone your skills, we offer instruction to suit your needs and goals.  We enjoy teaching riders of all ages and levels.  You can work towards riding for the show ring or pleasure.  We offer both western and english riding plus gaming.

Cold Brook Stables holds many events throughout the year.  

We have our spring, summer and fall trail challenges which include fun and challenging obstacles for both horse and rider.  Awards are handed out at day end.  

We have a game day series, the “Belt Buckle Series”, which consists of four game days throughout the year.  At each game day, there will be a $100 “Jackpot Barrels” class and awards will be given at day end; we also have yearend awards.  To qualify for yearend, you must participate in three of the four game days. 

In the fall we hold our “Fun in the Sun” horse show which is a great time for riders of every discipline and level.

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