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CBS 5th Annual Fall Trail Challenge

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 10:00

Come spend the day with us on our trails and challenge you & your horse over obstacles.

Our Trail Challenge is a way to promote good horsemanship skills and provide an educational experience for riders, horses, and horse lovers of all levels. The Challenge tests both horse and rider on their ability to work together as a “TEAM” and navigate through obstacles which may be experienced on the trail. The goal of this challenge is to improve the relationship between horse and rider by introducing them to new experiences as a Team. Each Team will encounter various obstacles and sometimes challenging trail situations, which will better prepare both horse and rider to negotiate with accuracy. 

Each Team will be judged on how well the horse and rider work together to get through each obstacle. Judging will be based on how each Team negotiates each obstacle with calmness, patience and safety. The Team should demonstrate the ability to work their way through each obstacle.

Following the challenge will be a meal & awards!

Click Here to Download the Trail Challenge Entry Form.

Click Here to Download the Trail Challenge Rules.

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